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“The real power in healing lies in the discovery of the story behind the symptoms”

John Veltheim, Founder, The BodyTalk System

What is BodyTalk?

The BodyTalk System is consciousness-based, whole healthcare as directed by the body’s innate wisdom. It reveals and resolves the causal factors of symptoms dissolving the need for them at the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual levels. It supports balancing of the body, mind and spirit which affects all bodymind functions and all relationships – especially the one with Self.

BodyTalk was developed from western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, osteopathy, applied kinesiology, chiropracty, quantum physics and ancient healing wisdom. It’s based on four principles:

How BodyTalk Works

BodyTalk practitioners use a form of muscular biofeedback (muscle testing) and a comprehensive protocol of questions to ask the client’s innate wisdom what communication links it wants repaired and in what order. Gentle tapping follows to initiate the change. Once the communication link is restored, clinical results have shown that balance returns and healing happens – sometimes instantly, sometimes in the following days, weeks or months. No two sessions and healing processes are alike because each client’s circumstances are unique.

BodyTalk is totally safe and non-invasive as BodyTalk practitioners do not diagnose or treat clients.  Bodies heal themselves.

BodyTalk is a valuable stand-along healthcare system or it can be integrated into any healthcare system to enhance and hasten results.

What the BodyTalk System Addresses

BodyTalk sessions highlight the causes of imbalance be they emotional, genetic, biochemical, neural, energetic, structural, psychological - or more likely, a combination of many. Each session brings to light the story behind the issue and so is a unique adventure into one’s Self. Healing happens through both awareness of the story (the aha!) and the body’s awareness of what it specifically needs to correct. Therefore any symptom or issue can be addressed according to the body’s priorities, as the bodymind always restores balance once the causes of the symptom are consciously known and communication restored. 

Roberta Meilleur, CBP,Par.BP

Roberta Meilleur has been a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner since 2004 and a Parama (Graduate level) Practitioner since 2015. She sees her role as a detective, and an interpreter of what client’s bodies are communicating in order to heal. She is an enthusiastic, skilled, supportive and heartfelt guide on the path to whole health. Roberta has a private practice in Courtenay, on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. She also works with clients around the world by Zoom. 

What Clients Say:

"To say BodyTalk changed my life would be a massive understatement. Without it, I would not have been able to recover from the debilitating effects of traumatic injuries to my body as well as my mind and soul. Roberta’s nurturing presence and exceptional skill breathed life into me. My body, which once felt like a shell, now feels like a vibrant, nourished, loved and cared for part of what makes me human. I feel a joy and freedom I could have never imagined when I started working with her."
Sarah Ronhovde, Physiotherapist

"I could list things and pieces and problems and pains that are now history.  Or I could just laugh and thank you.  There’s a calm in my life that I have not ever been able to reach before.  It is just so ordinary.  I love it."
Holly Heinzmann, Spa Owner

" BodyTalk has been a lifeline for me for over 10 years & Roberta is an exceptional practitioner. Getting through this year of the pandemic would have been so much more difficult without the help of BodyTalk. My partner of 60 years was a sceptic at first, but now welcomes a “Tune Up” when I suggest it, and always comes home glowing and amazed."
Jane Fawkes, Artist

"My regular BodyTalk Sessions with Roberta have taken me deeper into my True Nature than I thought possible. So very grateful for the safe space Roberta provides and for the gifts she brings to the world."
Audrey-May Colwell, Holistic Practitioner

"Our last session was so very enlightening, it truly helped me shift a whole wall of faulty perceptions. Each session seemed to have cleared so much nebulous stuff and restored not just confidence, but also a greater balance, and more light within."
Angela Bell

" Just wanted to let you know that M. has had no before school stomach aches so far this week and he has been sitting down to do his homework with very little to no resistance....yay!!!"
C. Fisher

"Whatever you did yesterday worked big-time. I left feeling quite a bit more "me", up, and actually found myself singing on the way home."
Pat Young

"My debilitating back pain was gone COMPLETELY by Thursday morning. I put in a 6 hour day cleaning up the garden, yard and deck. Lots of digging, hauling soil and lugging heavy pots around. A bit of muscle ache from the long hours of heavy work but NO back pain!!"
Sally Dyck



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"The joy of being is the joy of being conscious"

Eckhart Tolle

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