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"Soul born for joy, fear nothing but what may dim the brightness of your song".

Andre Gide

Roberta Meilleur – Biography

Born for joy as everyone is, Roberta adopted it as a life path on discovering its power to uplift, heal, transform and unify.

She came to joy early as dancing is what happened to her body when music played. Following that thread led to thirty plus years of teaching, performing and learning about the power of joy through natural dance.

Along the way she founded World Dance™ - a joyful path to free movement and personal growth; wrote the book of the same name to record all she’d learned from dancing and teaching; hosted a dance and health TV show; presented at numerous events and venues locally and internationally; introduced thousands to body joy and body awareness; was a professional bellydancer; and had a private movement coaching practice.

When it was time to learn more she quite naturally pursued body wisdom and whole health. In 2004 Roberta became a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner adding to her accumulation of body awareness while assisting individuals move toward their joy through wholistic balance.

When the need for uplifting transformation rose to unbearable heights in 2020, her urge to let others know about the power of joy became – with the help of 2 others – the video “Understanding the Power of Joy’’.

Roberta’s joys aren’t limited to dance. She especially delights in sharing unique, practical perspectives on the power of joy, natural movement, whole health and personal as well as global transformation with curious groups of people as a presenter.

Her window art, RustWorks delivers unbounded joy when the sun shines and artistic delight all other times.

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Writing has been a side joy most of her life but it came front and centre with the World Dance book and the narration for the Understanding Joy video. It’s currently emerging through her blog.

Roberta lives on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada where the awesome beauty of nature is her foundational link to joy.


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