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"Let a joy keep you. Reach out your hands and take it as it runs by."

Carl Sandburg 

If more joy in your life sounds appealing, you’ve landed in a good spot!

The underlying focus and outcome that connects Roberta Meillleur’s varied work is joy – its creation, understanding, discovery/rediscovery and expression. Roberta has learned that joy is a powerful tool for uplifting, healing, unifying and empowering and so she uses it liberally...

As a Presenter

No matter what the topic, Roberta’s joy, passion, wisdom and humour come through along with new perspectives, uncommon but practical sense and life-altering information. 

As a Wholistic Practitioner

Roberta’s a skilled and seasoned intermediary for delivering whole-health healing, bodymind balancing and deep soul growth through BodyTalk, a consciousness-based system of healthcare. The results of personal growth and healing invariably lead to more joy.

As a Dancer and Movement Instructor

Natural, joyful movement – dancing it, performing it, and sharing it are Roberta’s lifelong passions. She is the founder of World Dance™, has danced all her life and has taught movement for 40 years.

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