“Scatter joy.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

World Dance, Movement classes, De-aging Workshop

World Dance™

World Dance is joyful, natural movement to world beat rhythms. It benefits body, mind and soul making it an effective tool for personal growth. It’s as easy as rhythmic walking or as complex as ecstatic dancing and so is adaptable to any age or ability. World Dance provides: alignment, flexibility, balance, strength, control, therapeutic release, self-esteem, body awareness, grounding, healing, fitness and fun!

Roberta Meilleur founded World Dance™ in 1987 from her background in African, Middle Eastern, Caribbean and Latin movements. Born as a way of inspiring people to access the joy in rhythmic dance, World Dance is also the dream of the people of the world dancing in joy and unity. In 1995 Roberta took World Dance to the International Women’s Forum in Beijing China and experienced that dream by dancing with women from around the world.


“Through World Dance I know my bones are healthier, my toes are tappier, my torso is looser, my hair is bouncier, my mind is saner and my life is happier. I want to be doing it when I’m 80”
Elinore Harwood, Clinical Psychologist

“World Dance goes beyond just simple exercise and dance. It is a life-affirming form of therapy. Frequent doses of World Dance contribute to balance, well-being, healing and growth”
Heather McNeil, M.S.W. Counselor

“Inspires not only freedom of the body to move but also freedom of the spirit to move”
Maxine Zalkow, Workshop Participant

World Dance is currently available through an instructional book and videos.


The World Dance Book

World Dance: A Joyful Path to Free Movement and Personal Growth
by Roberta Meilleur
© 2001, Free & Footloose publications
$30.00 (plus shipping)

Awaken your bones and being with this one-of-a-kind, transform-your-life book. It’s a free-movement manual, a rhythmical-play workbook, a natural dance recipe book and a body awareness guidebook.

Over 200 pages and illustrations guide participants towards movement joy. Chapters on body safety, stretching, loosening and control set the stage for basic as well as expandable dance information. A chapter on problem-solving, music lists, comments from participants and a summary dance chart add everything else but the sound system.

Movement hasn’t been this delightful, free or easy since childhood!

“Roberta Meilleur’s expertise from years of teaching natural movement and dance is evident in her easily accessible and highly readable book. A must for anyone interested in learning to know their body and celebrate it joyfully.”
Tanis Helliwell, Founder, International Institute of Transformation, Author of “Take Your Soul to Work”

Note: Every cover is uniquely printed from a woodblock so variations exist in colour and tone.  


World Dance Instructional Videos

World Dance videos safely and thoroughly guide participants through the key ingredients for natural, joyful movement and dance. They are beneficial as individual programs as well as a series, and are designed as companions to the World Dance book. Each video is approximately 45 minutes long.

World Dance Stretches

World Dance Stretches open the body fully in preparation for free, joyous movement. They are also excellent for maintaining flexibility, healing back pain, establishing body awareness, correcting alignment, unblocking energy and contributing to an overall sense of well-being.

Isolation Movements

World Dance Isolation Movements establish the necessary muscle control to enhance natural movement and to inspire joyful dance. From head to toe, each body part learns to move independently and rhythmically, increasing range of motion, body vocabulary, creative choices and dancing pleasure.

Dance Basics

World Dance Basics are the building blocks of natural dance. When learned and combined, these simple movements and rhythms lead to greater dancing joy and feelings of upliftment. Includes tips for undoing foot tangles (a.k.a. the ‘two-left-feet’ syndrome).


DVD - $25 individually, $70 for the series of three (plus shipping)

Flash drive - $40 individually or $100 for the series of three (plus shipping)


Movement Classes

Whether a personal session, a gathered group or a public event, Roberta’s movement wisdom, skillful guidance and enthusiastic support lead people to freer movement in life and thus to more joy. And where groups are concerned you can be sure fun flows freely.


De-Aging Workshop

A guaranteed de-aging info kit if used as recommended. Think fun, body wisdom, body honouring, tips for perpetual pain-free movement and life-long flexibility, with the added joy and brain rejuvenation of natural dance. Beneficial for ages 40+ 


To order the World Dance book or videos or for workshop or class inquires contact Roberta


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