• As conference speaker or workshop presenter Roberta informs, inspires and motivates.
  • As body-break leader she revives, uplifts and energizes.
  • As event entertainer, she unites everyone in participatory celebration and joy.

For an economical way to add movement to your conference or gathering, consider a 3-in-1 package: one presenter, three presentations.

Roberta’s interactive movement presentations add value to your conference as:

  • Educational enhancement
  • Ice Breaker
  • Team Building
  • Conference Closer
  • Body Breaks
  • Antidote to mental overload
  • Stress-dissolver
  • Self-esteem Building
  • Energy Building

    “Movement integrates and anchors new information and experience into our neural networks. Movement is vital to all the actions by which we embody and express our learning, our understanding and ourselves.”
    Carla Hannaford Ph.D “Smart Moves: Why Learning Isn’t All in Your Head”

All presentations can be modified for time, space, group or conference requirements.

Moving Through Change
Does moving through change feel like a flow or a battle? In this enlightening presentation the principles of natural movement, applied as metaphor, become instructions for stress-less change at all levels, personal, professional and global.

The Better Business Body
Whether you’re making a presentation, applying for a position, uncramping from meetings and computer work, or dealing with too much stress, these invaluable on-the-job awareness tips and stretches make better business sense.

The Power in Posture
Are you limiting your brain power, vitality, personal empowerment and life span through habits and lack of awareness? Learn how the body was originally designed to provide each of us with more of the above gifts.

Hips Hooray!
Women get to let loose through enlivening experiences that bring awareness to how our bodies were designed to move. With that awareness comes empowerment, stress release, body appreciation and a ton of fun.

Awareness and Movement for the Aging Body
You don’t have to settle for less flexibility as you grow older. This presentation challenges that myth, teaching participants simple anti-aging body truths and movements.

Pelvis Power
The pelvis regains its valued and vital status after centuries of being imprisoned by taboos and lack of awareness. Discover relief for low back pain, impaired flexibility and poor posture plus the key to movement ease, in this playful and immediately beneficial presentation.

Stress Awareness = Stress Release
In this health-enhancing presentation you’ll learn to become aware of stress in your body before it builds, as well as how to dissolve stress once it’s set in.

Body Talk: Communication To, From and With Your Body
What is your body saying to you? What are you saying to your body? What is your body saying about you? Learn to tune in to unconscious ‘body talk’ for growth, healing and change.

A Body Mechanics Primer
An experiential manual of diagnostics, instructions and recommendations for the smooth operation and extended life of your physical life-time vehicle. Delivered with zest, humour and encouragement. Particularly suited to male audiences.

“Roberta was a fabulous addition…she was perfect for what we were/are going through.”

“Truly a gift to this workshop.”

“Wonderful addition and opportunity to explore movement and openings. Clearly knowledgeable and in her area of power when teaching.”

“Roberta’s…sessions were transformative for me on many, many levels.”
...from Tanis Helliwell’s 'Transform Your Work' Retreat

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