“Body awareness unlocks body freedom,which unlocks body joy, which unlocks body health – and movement is the key to it all.”
Roberta Meilleur

One-to-One Movement Coaching with Roberta Meilleur
provides holistic healing with a goal of free, natural movement. Healing occurs physically, mentally and emotionally as restrictive patterns and blocks are released from the body. Self-esteem is heightened, pain is alleviated and the body befriended.

The process is unique for each person. Each session is confidential and conducted with highest regard for physical and emotional safety, respect for personal limits and abilities, as well as support and encouragement for self-growth and healing.

Roberta has been a movement coach for fifteen years and a dancer all her life. She evolved into movement coaching from years of personal movement study plus twenty-five years of teaching thousands of people to move more freely, naturally and joyfully. Roberta brings sparkle, enthusiasm, knowledge, intuition, skill, humor and compassion to her coaching sessions.

The First Session
begins with aligning the body to its natural state. Proper alignment alone can re-establish free movement, alleviate chronic pain, raise self-esteem, release restrictive patterns of thinking, open the heart centre, improve circulation, digestion and energy flow. As the body’s natural design, alignment is the basis for ease of movement and optimum health.

Stretches are usually introduced next to determine specific areas of tension or restricted movement. Those areas and the client’s intentions establish the focus and need for future sessions.

Movement Coaching is beneficial for:
  • Loosening (freedom from tension)
  • Releasing pain
  • Raising self-esteem
  • Releasing emotions
  • Body awareness
  • Back health
  • Movement ease
  • Re-claiming sexuality
  • Loving one’s self and one’s body
  • Becoming grounded in the body
  • Walking naturally
  • Anti-aging
  • Preventing injuries
  • Acquiring rhythm and natural dance ability
  • Putting more joy in life!

“The personal session I had with you was a physical breakthrough for me.”
Alex Pett

“A movement coaching session made me conscious of my poor posture habits and gave me effective tools for eliminating the resulting back and neck pain. Mostly though, it gave me much more awareness of and confidence in my body.”
Christy Hayden

“The stretches have been amazingly helpful for back pain.”
Phyllis Baird

For inquiries or to book a movement coaching session with Roberta call:
(250) 334-0963
or email info@RobertaMeilleur.com


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