For over a quarter of a century, Roberta Meilleur has been sharing the wonders of natural movement and body awareness with thousands of people in presentations, workshops, classes, private sessions, a book and videos.

Roberta MeilleurRoberta delivers valuable life-lengthening information on movement, health and change with down-to-earth practicality, unique expertise and contagious delight. Her style sparkles with passion, humor, and encouragement, inspiring people to better inhabit and respect their bodies through natural movement. She has a knack for leaving every group uplifted and a lot looser.

Roberta’s background includes professional bellydancing; dance performances and event production; hosting a dance and health TV show; development and facilitation of creative process workshops; production work in television and radio; expansion and marketing of an arts and recycling organization; and creating art from found materials.

She founded World Dance™ - a method of joyful, free movement – in 1987 and published her book of the same name in 2001.

She has presented at such venues as the Hollyhock Retreat Centre, Harrison Festival of the Arts, the Filberg Arts Festival, Strathcona Park Lodge and conferences in Canada and beyond.

At the 1995 International Women’s Forum in Beijing, China, Roberta presented a workshop to women from around the world, uniting them in ecstatic, joyful movement – a highlight of her career.

As well as traveling to offer presentations, Roberta has private practices as a movement coach and a certified BodyTalk practitioner in the Comox Valley, BC, Canada.

“Roberta not only knows how to help you move for joy and health, she moves you from within with inspirational stories and genuine acceptance. Her star quality makes it possible for anyone in her presence to shine. Plus her capacity to make movement fun and ignite curiosity instead of judgment makes it fun for even the klutziest among us.”
Gail Larsen, Founder Real Speaking
Past Executive Vice President, National Speakers Association

“(Roberta’s presentation)…is a phenomenal stress-buster and great way to enhance flexibility and fitness. The upbeat atmosphere encourages self-expression and physical release…and it’s FUN!”
Laura McIntosh, B.Sc. M.D.

“Roberta has a great and delicious knack for providing a safe, non-judgmental environment in which she magically normalizes movement and teases the whole room into the possibility of it. Roberta’s approach teaches how to reach for a personal best without the need to harshly judge oneself or one’s neighbor. She is a true confidence builder.”
Sam Sommers, B.S.W., M.S.W. Registered Clinical Counselor,
Adult Addiction Services Coordinator, Conference Coordinator

I’m passionate about assisting bodies to free themselves from unnecessary tension, aches, pains, patterns, injuries and aging by offering practical body awareness information in an inspiring, playful, experiential way.

The blessing of an unorthodox path allows me to do so. Born to dance but small as a child, I hit an early detour because of my size. This meant I was never officially trained. Without standard parameters, I was free to learn about movement from my body and, once I started teaching, from my students. Awarenesses came as I moved – each proving to be dramatically life-enhancing and body-liberating when put into practice. Most of these awarenesses appear not to be commonly known or used.

It is my highest intent and fulfillment to see bodies awaken to their inherent nobility and fullest function - and to do so simply, safely, effectively and joyfully.

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